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The easy-to-use Zoom and Point™ (ZAP) image-based Video Maker for eBay Sellers!

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01 DEC 15 - ZAP-EB Radio Interview and Review

ZAP-EB is totally free and helps you create amazing videos from your photos and your voice to embed easily in your eBay listings.
By Kathy Simpson


09 SEP 2015 From Product Image to Product Video with ZAP-EB

eBay Sellers have a new and rather interesting tool at their disposal and it could put video front and center on the marketplace


25 AUG 2015 PRESS RELEASE - Jigsaw Launches ZAP-EB, the First Free Video Maker App for eBay Sellers

Jigsaw’s New ZAPEB App enables eBay Sellers to easily create and embed personalized, image-based Zoom and Point (ZAP) Listing Videos to enhance product sales.

Link to press release on www.prweb.com

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Use ZAP-EB To:

Make your eBay auction listings more engaging...

Communicate precise details about your eBay listing...

Entice eBay buyers to purchase your items...


Enhance your eBay listings!

Create personalized selling videos using your product photos.

Adding video to your eBay listings is one of the best ways to move products quickly and increase profits. ZAP-EB, the first free video maker for eBay listings, provides a simple and efficient way to create remarkably powerful Zoom and Point (ZAP) videos from your photos using your own voice narration and touchscreen gestures.

Videos made with ZAP-EB can be up to 120 seconds long (with In App Purchase), and are as easy to make as swiping between – and talking to – photos on your camera roll. Use ZAP-EB’s unique live pointer and zoom features to highlight important aspects of your listing; everything you say and all the touchscreen gestures you make while recording are captured to ensure buyers have a thorough understanding of your products most important features. You can even add music to your listing if you’d like.

Use ZAP-EB to easily create and embed a specific, personal Zoom and Point™ (ZAP) video message that communicates as if you were there in person:

Personalize your product sales video by narrating as you swipe through product photos.

Use Zoom and Point™ features to highlight key features, labels, or materials in a product.

Reassure buyers regarding any perceived product flaws so that they understand exactly what they are getting.

Reduce your typing in the eBay listing description field and use ZAP-EB videos instead.

Stand out from the competition.